What you're seeing now is probably the project I'm working on the most right now. My personal webpage and blog. I've been meaning to build this for a while. Partially because I wanted to test how rusty my HTML/CSS/JS skills are and because I feel like I should have some sort of online presence.

I also wanted to learn all the new tools and frameworks out there being built to make the web better. For now it's just some front end development but eventually I want to add some back-end development as well. I have a few ideas in mind but this front page is really just here to showcase my skills and learn some new tools.


I'm Korean.
I live in Honolulu, Hawaii.
I graduated from the UH with a BS in ICS.
So that technically makes me a scientist.
I love movies, music, and the written word.
Proper grammar is sexy. And so is correct spelling.
I love a great story and great conversation.


I'm a programmer or "Senior Software Engineer" as they call me at work.
I mostly write in Javascript/Node for my day job but I started out with HTML.
I'm learning other languages such as Ruby on Rails, Python, Go, etc.
I've worked with front and back-end Web services, and some database.
I've written Desktop apps, web apps, and mobile apps.
I believe in function over form and simplicity over clutter.
As Dieter Ram once said, "simple but innovative" or something like that.


My interest lie in making hard things simple, learning how things work, and making other things better.
I've taken a liking to comedy and I listen to the Nerdist podcast regularly.
I used to ride motorcycles, race cars, jump out of perfectly fine airplanes.
I've calm down since then and now I just try to make awesome things.
I look for new and novel ideas to play around with.
I love to learn and will spend hours researching absolutely nothing.


You can contact me at taesup63 AT gmail dot com.